Module 13: Goal setting


This Module is in three parts:

PART A: SETTING GOALS IN REHABILITATION is relevant for anyone working with people with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Part B: TEAMS & GOALS includes additional material particularly relevant for people working on goal setting in teams, for example in clinical settings.

Part C: WORKSHEETS Includes additional material and examples of SMARTAAR Goal Worksheets and Rehabilitation Plan Worksheets.


At the end Part A of this module, you should be able:

  1. To better understand the role of goal setting in rehabilitation.
  2. To understand the concepts of goals, steps and action plans
  3. Contextualize your goal setting with a person centred care approach
  4. Participation focus and levels of goals
  5. Understand the key components of effective goals
  6. Understand criteria for assessing goals and their use - SMARTAAR goals
  7. Be able to write effective goals.
  8. To better understand goals and funder - service provider communication

In addition at the end of Part B of this module you should be able to:

  1. To better understand the factors that affect the development and use of goals in collaborative/team settings
  2. To have increased your skills in working collaboratively with clients to develop client centred goals and rehabilitation plans
  3. Use checklists to review the quality of your/your teams work in setting goals in rehabilitation.

In addition at the end of Part C of this module you should be able to:

  1. To have improved your ability to write, review and use client centred SMART rehabilitation goals that support rehabilitation practice using the SMARTAAR Goal process
  2. To have increased your knowledge of how to incorporate client centred goals in rehabilitation plans(including the AAR part of SMARTAAR goals).
  3. To use the templates for SMAARTER Goals and Rehabilitation Plans.
  4. Be able to write effective goals, steps and action plans.

Self-test and Pre & Post Test questions

There are self-test questions throughout the module.

There is a Pre-Test and a Post-Test.

The Pre-Test and Post-Tests include Parts A, B and C. Complete what is relevant for you.

If you are completing the module for a workplace you can have the Pre-Test and Post-Test questions and your answers emailed to you.


© NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation 2013

Authors: Helen Badge, Maria Weekes, Belinda Jones, Barbara Strettles

The Goal Training Project was jointly funded by the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, the Motor Accidents Authority and WorkCover NSW, of the NSW Government’s Safety, Return to Work and Support Division.

Additional material and further development of these goal setting resources: Marion Fisher.