13.A9 Take home messages - Setting goals in rehabilitation


A. Effective goal setting is a vital part of rehabilitation as it can engage and motivate the client
B. Goal setting in Rehabilitation aims to achieve:
  • Empowering clients
  • Supporting client participation
  • Ensuring therapy, support services etc are targeted to address the priorities identified by the client
  • Planning within a team context - ensuring individual team members work towards the same goals
  • Planning and communication about client progress.
C. Person centred care aims to:
  • Be client focused
  • Promote independence and autonomy
  • Provide choice and control
  • Be based on a philosophy of collaboration and teamwork
  • It takes into account the client's needs and views and builds relationships with the client's family members.
D. The three levels of goals on the continuum of client engagement are:
  • Client-generated goals
  • Client-focused goals
  • Clinician goals
E. The ICF provides a useful framework for articulating the desired and different levels of rehabilitation goals. Using ICF terminology, the three levels of rehabilitation goals that describe the desired change in the person are
  • level of impairment
  • level of activity
  • level of participation.
F. ASK the client what they want to achieve - goals need to reflect the client’s priorities and be meaningful to them
G. Write SMART goals that describe what the client needs and wants to be able to do that fulfill the purposes of goal setting – be cautious about making the goal overly measureable. SMART goals are:


H. Use goals as part of a goal setting and review process. The AAR elements describe:

Action Plan
Achievement Rating
Reporting Goal Outcomes

I. MEASURE client progress on goal achievement, EVALUATE issues impacting on progress, and REPORT to all relevant stakeholders
J. A collaborative approach to rehabilitation and goal setting is recognised as best practice

         Funders and service provider communication can also benefit from explicit client focussed goals.