Toolkit A: The Next Step:
Transition from Childrens services to the adult world

The Next Step

Toolkit A - The Next Step
is a resource for workers working with young people with TBI
transitioning from children’s services to adult services.

It has been designed to be used with young people.

A core idea in the kit is The Transition Wheel.

The Transition Wheel is a tool for helping a young person
to identify areas of their life where they could gain further independence.

The Transition Wheel allows the young person, with the assistance of a support worker or their case manager if they have one, to concentrate on the areas of their life that are currently the most important to them. It initiates realistic goal setting and forms part of the young person’s rehabilitation plan.

Transition involves the young person, the family, service providers
and case manager - the kit provides information on their roles in transition.

The kit also includes resources that highlight the issues that young people need to think about before they leave school and as they proceed through early adulthood.

A worker helping a young person transition from children’s services to adult services could:

Introduce the young person to the Transition Wheel. The Kit includes:
A PDF of the Transition Wheel - for printing.

Work with them on identifying areas of their life where they could gain further independence. The Kit includes:
Questions the worker could use to explore the Transition Wheel with the young person.

Provide additional information that they believe is relevant to the young person. The kit includes:
Additional information on topics such as accommodation, driving, relationships.
PDFs of the information sheets - for printing .

Note 1: keep in mind that what information in the kit may not be relevant to a young person now may be relevant to them in the coming years
Note 2: the worker needs to add details about local services that can assist the young person, e.g. local information about recreational and social activities and employment, training and tertiary education - adding local telephone contact details to the information sheets would be useful.

See Section 5 Using this kit for more details on how to use the kit.