Toolkit B: Working together: Promoting Independence

This is a resource for workers working with people with TBI.

The resources in the kit have been designed to be used by people with TBI.

The Kit contains practical information and tools the worker can use to assist an individual with a brain injury to:

  • Identify issues and set priorities
  • Set goals
  • Develop strategies to achieve the goals
  • Monitor progress.

The Kit includes tools and tips for practical strategies on everything from working with memory problems to doing the laundry.

All the tools, tips and worksheets can be printed to give to the person with the TBI.

The Kit has been designed to be relevant throughout the lifespan and the changes experienced in different life stages.

This Kit aims to increase the independence, control, decision making and responsibility taken by individuals who have a brain injury, in day to day activities.

Individuals who have a brain injury and who have trialed sections of the Kit stated:

"It helped me to work out the little differences and do something about them"
"I realised how I can now help myself and not rely on others"
"I now know where all my money is going"
"I wish I had this years ago- it helps with the little things. Like remembering where I put things, how to use my diary and calendar- everything!
"I only had to use the sections I needed to- getting out in the community and looking at getting back to work" .