17. Sexuality

Cover  Sexuality   

Sexuality is not just about sex! It is about all your sexual thoughts, your feelings, your values, beliefs, actions and drives. Expression of sexuality relates to physical, psychological and social development as well as sexual knowledge.

Sexuality is a very important area of life, especially when you are a teenager and start thinking about and developing an interest in many sexual things.

Even though sexuality is an important part of every young person’s and adult’s life it is often not talked about. Many people feel a bit embarrassed to talk about sexuality. This makes it really hard to know what is ‘normal’. Even though it may be difficult, it is often better to talk with someone about the things you do not think are quite right rather than worrying!

Everyone is different in their areas of sexuality. There are differences between how people give and receive affection, feel desirable and attractive and act in a relationship with a partner.

The brain controls most of these thoughts and feelings. Sometimes having a brain injury can make some of these things difficult to handle. Some people with a brain injury find it hard to know when to show affection and what type.

If you have questions or there are things that you want to discuss about sexuality why not try these services:
  • Family Planning Clinic in your local area (Phone number in the White Pages)
  • Your doctor.
  • Your case manager or therapist at the rehabilitation team.