4. Tips and How To's

If you are new to smart phones you may find some Tips and How To's useful.

I-Phone Tips and How To's for CliniciansPDF and I-phone Tips and How To's for Patients and CarersPDFincludes:

  1. Management of Contact List
  2. Making a Phone Call
  3. Searching the ‘App’ Store
  4. Using the Calculator
  5. Adding a Note
  6. Adding an Event on the Calendar
  7. Taking a Photograph
  8. Writing and Responding to Text Messages
  9. Setting an Alarm
  10. Other Clock Features
  11. Getting directions Using the Maps Application
  12. Setting a ‘To-Do’ List
  13. Searching for a Recipe Using ‘All Recipes’
  14. Using Safari (the Internet)

Patient and Caregiver Quick Reference Training package PDFincludes tips for what to do for using:

  • Telephone
  • Messaging
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Alarm clock
  • Weather
  • Voice memos
  • Notes
  • Cameras
  • Internet
  • Maps
  • App Store