2.4 Cognitive problems and communication

Cognitive problems and communication - “Talking without meaning”

Other cognitive deficits can affect a person's ability to communicate, without directly affecting their language areas, or ability to produce speech.


A. View a video of a client.
B. Brainstorm what types of communication difficulties this person has.
D. Experience what it’s like to have this communication disorder
C. Read about impairments and effects (next tab)


Click on the image to go to the video player. The video may take a few moments to load.

Cognitive impairments

James' difficulties with communication are the result of impairments to his memory, a cognitive process, rather than impairments to his specific language areas. Cognitive impairments can include difficulties with the following

Experience what it's like to have damage to the cognitive areas of the brain

Imagine/remember a time when you have been very tired and have had to explain a complex task to someone else.
When you are very tired and trying to explain something, it may take you longer to remember what you want to say and the words you need to use. You may also have difficulty with concentration in conversations.


The following table outlines some cognitive impairments and some consequences they can have for communication: