1.10 Consumer perspectives: People with TBI and their families

i) Jonathan has a TBI (11 mins)

Jonathan has an ABI.
Click on the image to go to the video player . The video may take a few monents to load.
Watch Jonathan's story on the video.

Answer the questions

From the video which of the following are true for Jonathan?
What challenges has Jonathan been working on?
Check your answers here
   From the video which of the following are true for Jonathan?

He remembers what he was like before the accident.
Has has worked very hard for many years to overcome the effects of the ABI
He may not fully recover from the brain injury.
He gets frustrated with himself and takes it out on others.

    What challenges has Jonathan been working on?

Access to social activities
Ongoing rehabilitation
Access to work and training opportunities
Long term support

ii) Jonathan's Mother & Father - Paper Cranes (3 min 45 sec)

Paper Cranes

Cheryl Koenig, Paper Cranes, A Mother's Story of Hope, Courage and Determination, An Hourglass book, 2008

Cheryl Koenig's life changed forever the day her 12 year old son Jonathan was involved in a car accident. Jonathan was given very little chance of survival. Now, more than ten years since the accident Jonathan lives a rich and fulfilling life. Paper Cranes draws on the diary Cheryl kept during the rehabilitation process.

This video talks about the writing of Paper Cranes.


iii) A poem

Living with a brain injury

Generally the public are ignorant of how life changes for someone with a new mind. The waters are unchartered. Rationality is hampered and delayed, Impulsiveness is rampant and, Thought doesn't have a barrage of filtration and tact to sift through…..

Smell and taste are non-existent, Hearing and balance are affected.

Suicide is hovering with open doors, Depression is constant, Life's beauty has faded.

One doesn't have the safe guiding of survival fear any more. The ability to tell a white lie to resolve or comfort a situation has gone. Truth is said without haste or filtration, It's how it is.

Your family doesn't take your new mind with ease, My family has gone.

Management of money is disastrous, A day by day struggle.

Confidence is small - nearly non-existent. How do I manage a job every day? I wonder and I can't…..

Forgetfulness is daily, Keys are gone, my teeth are greasy and furry, Where's my toothbrush?

My tiredness is now a battle. I used to have so much energy and spirit.

Who do I turn to? I am craving for love.

(“Bernard”, 2000 )