8.5 Take home messages

  • In order to recruit staff to fill a role, you must first determine what the essential and desirable skills are to fill that role. These must be reflected in any advertisement you place.
  • Using questions that pose hypothetical situations to the job applicant in the interview is a good way to asses whether they have the skills/values you are looking for.
  • Key issues in developing and retaining staff include orientation/induction, ongoing training and education, and performance management.
  • When organising staff to work with a client, it is important to identify the issues faced by staff working with that client and develop strategies to combat these issues.
  • Managers are constantly performing a juggling act to balance staff and client needs. However, it is essential that the clients needs always remain the focus.
  • It is essential to have policies and procedures for dealing with staff/client issues.
  • Without good management practice, staff can enter the disillusionment process and end up leaving with a negative experience.
  • Managing staff stress is an important aspect of a managers role. Ensure you look for the warning symptoms and treat them early.
  • The role of a manager incorporates many different aspects that link together.