8.4a The role of the manager

i) The role of the manager

In disability services, the manager has responsibilities to the client, the staff and the organisation that employs them.

Managers working with people with a TBI benefit from a clear understanding of the impact of TBI on the person, their family and community.

Managers need a range of skills to perform particular tasks, manage a number of different activities within a job, as well as respond to problems and non-routine events. They also have to deal with all aspects of the workplace including working with others.

Studies have shown that managers in many service areas need better skills in order to improve quality, productivity and innovation.

Frontline management is a nationally recognised training qualification (certificate or diploma) that seeks to improve the skills of Australian managers to be more productive, innovative and competitive. Task competencies provide managers with a standard of workplace performance so they can meet the challenges that arise in their day-to-day work. Reference: Frontline Management Competencies Guide, published by Prentice Hall and ANTA, 1998


ii) Skills of a manager

  • Communication
  • Creativity in problem solving and ability to identify opportunities
  • Drive
  • Problem solving/decision making
  • Team management
  • Self insight
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Situational insight
  • Influence
  • Knowledge of job and job context


iii) Responsibilities of a manager

  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • Provide leadership in the workplace
  • Establish and manage effective workplace relationships
  • Manage operations to achieve planned outcomes
  • Develop and maintain safe workplace and environment
  • Manage quality customer service
  • Participate in, lead and facilitate work teams
  • Manage workplace information
  • Implement and monitor continuous improvement systems and processes
  • Facilitate and capitalise on change and innovation
  • Contribute to the development of a workplace learning environment



The role of the manager

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