8.3b Maintaining a client focus

Managers are constantly performing a juggling act to balance staff and client needs. However, it is essential that the clients needs are central to the development of the management strategies illustrated in previous exercises.

It is important to maintain good management practices, planning based on issues, goals and strategies and be responsive to changing client needs. This means that when a client crisis occurs a process is available to respond in a logical format to resolve issues. The following client management principles are helpful in maintaining a client focus.

Management principles to make it work

Maintain a client focus

  • identify issues, establish goals, develop strategies with timeframes, people responsible and resources identified

Respond to changing needs

  • review plans and adjust, involve client, family and staff
  • add new plans
  • problem solve as issues arise

Crisis management and critical incident support

  • review the incident and problem solve
  • support the client and key people involved
  • support the staff


  • minutes of meetings/summary letter to client
  • record issues, identify goals and prioritise
  • develop strategies and action plans
  • policies and procedures