8.1a Recruitment


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Case Sutdy: Brad

You are the manager of a community-based organisation that provides staff to work with people with TBI living in their own home, either alone or with family. Staff provides direct support and supervision to enable individuals to achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence at home and in their local community.

You have just received a referral of a young man named Brad, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident on his way to work about six months ago and sustained a severe brain injury.

The Brain Injury Unit is ready to discharge Brad home to a community based rehabilitation program with support from your service for six hours per day. During Brad’s stay the Brain Injury Unit have noticed how anxious Brad is to leave hospital and have serious concerns about his coping abilities in coming to terms with his brain injury.

Brad has lost the use of his right hand, he has difficulty with his speech, an unsteady gait when he walks and is dependant on a walking frame. During Brad’s stay at hospital he has exhibited frustration and temper outbursts when pushed to do rehabilitation.

Brad lived with his girlfriend before the accident but he will be going home to live with his mum and dad. Brad is not sure how his relationship with his girlfriend is at the moment as she visited him infrequently whilst in hospital.

The task of your organisation is to provide support for Brad six hours per day, seven days per week, and work with his rehabilitation team to ensure his rehabilitation goals are being achieved.

What skills does the worker require? Brainstorm a list

The same process you just used to identify the skills required for an employee working with Brad can also be used with existing staff and identifying key staff member skills within a team.

Each organisation will determine their own essential and desirable criteria. However, essential criteria can include skills the organisation needs and cannot provide while desirable criteria can be skills the organisation can provide. Eg attitude and approach and essential, while experience working with people with brain injury is not essential because the organisation can provide this training.


Brad: Advertising

The following is a job advertisement that might be placed to find someone to employ to work with Brad:

Support Worker

XYZ is a service that supports people with a traumatic brain injury to live independently in the community. We are currently seeking experienced staff to fill several positions with our clients who at times have behaviour issues. The role of the Support Worker primarily is to support our clients on a one-to-one basis and assist them to integrate into the community.

Essential Requirements

  • Experience working with people with a disability
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to follow and assist in the implementation of a goal directed plan
  • Good communication skills both verbally and written
  • Knowledge of the disability issues
  • Ability to build a good rapport with clients
  • First Aide certificate
  • Drivers license
  • Own motor vehicle


  • Experience working with people with a brain injury
  • Relevant tertiary qualification

The criteria for the position given in the job advertisement are directly linked to the aspects of the role the person would be filling with Brad. The following table shows how the advertised criteria are directly linked to the role.

Essential and desirable criteria

Role with Brad

Experience working in with people with a disability Brad is a client with a disability
Ability to work independently & as part of a team

Staff will work in isolation with Brad· Staff will support the implementation of rehabilitation plans· Work with the rehabilitation team and service staff

Ability to follow & assist in the implementation of a goal directed program Staff will be required to monitor, review and develop individual and rehabilitation goals with therapy staff and support from manager
Excellent written and verbal communication skills Staff need to communicate effectively with Brad, the whole team and other agencies verbally and in writing for progress, goal review, meetings and letters etc
Knowledge of Disability Issues It is essential that staff have a positive approach and understanding of the rights and issues of people with a disability
Ability to build a good rapport with clients Staff will need to be empathic and be able to relate to Brad to enable him to identify and achieve his goals at home and in the community
First Aide Certificate This is an essential requirement to enable staff to implement first aide when required

Essential to the successful recruitment of staff is:

  • understanding the importance of worker values
  • respect for the person with a TBI
  • understanding the interconnection between the person with a TBI and larger systems – the service philosophy and the personal values of workers.