7.6 Community services / issues in accessing different services


Service networks can include the following types of services. The specific examples listed are services available in New South Wales. Similar services are available in other states.

State peak brain injury consumer or advocacy organisations

Brain Injury Association of NSW Carers Association of NSW.

Rehabilitation services

Department of Health in each state; NSW BIRP; local/private hospital rehabilitation departments; private therapists.

Vocational rehabilitation

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS); BTP Employment Solutions; Head 2 Work.

Community support/case management

Home Care of NSW; NSW BIRP community case managers; private case management services; Community options programs.

Avocational, day activity, community access, clubhouse programs

Headway – Adult Development Program; Liverpool Brain Injury Respite Program; North West Disability Services Inc (NWDS); Attendant Care Agencies (for individual paid worker support).

Respite programs

Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options; Gemhill Cottage (NWDS).

Support groups, Self-help groups

BIA of NSW support groups.

Counselling services

Lifeline; private therapists; NSW BIRP therapists; Drug and Alcohol Counselling Services.

Accommodation services

Aged care facilities (nursing homes); Wareemba Community Living Inc.

Other services (eg. crisis, legal, financial etc)

NSW Office of the Public Guardian; NSW Office of the Protective Commissioner; Centrelink; Commonwealth carer respite centres.